Life-size There But Not There Tommy
Life-size Tommy design
Life-size Tommy bracket fixings

Tommy (6 foot aluminium)

$964.80 (incl. vat)

As seen around the UK at Giant's Causeway, Hearts FC, The Big Pit in Wales and The Tower of London, this 6ft version of the There But Not There Logo is a poignant and affecting image which embodies the There But Not There message. It also includes a small hole to attach a Poppy as in the beautiful image to the left. 

Weighing just 11kg and only 6mm thick, the hollow outline is cut out of lightweight aluminium giving it strength and durability and stands on a 500mm x 500mm base plate with four holes to allow it to be bolted or pegged into the ground. This will be shipped in a commemorative Tommy box and can be installed at any time, but especially during the Armistice 2018 period.

A beautiful sculpture, we hope that people will treasure this, using it year after year to remember the Fallen.