D-Day 75 Bootprint stickers

D-Day 75 Bootprint stickers

£4.80 (incl. vat)

Supporting the veterans of today by remembering the sacrifices of the past.

These Bootprints commemorate all those who died on D-Day and in the ensuing Battle of Normandy, as well as those who have died in subsequent conflicts and help raise funds for ex-servicemen and women. We hope to see these Bootprints appearing around the UK, in public and private spaces, to remember all those who left their homes 75 years ago and never came back. 

Whether applied internally or externally, these can be placed in the footsteps of those who died in previous conflicts, allowing us to commemorate the Fallen and bring them back into the communities they left behind.

There are two types of stickers:

-Internal Vinyl pair of footprint stickers which are made to be used internally. These can then be peeled off the floor and disposed of.

-Mixed usage biodegradable and compostable pair of footprint stickers. These can be used internal and externally and will biodegrade over time or can be peeled off and composted if not in usage. 

When applying stickers, please ensure you have adequate permissions and follow the instructions carefully. You can find instructions for application here.

Please also think about the environment when choosing your stickers and where possible use the biodegradable option.

All stickers are in pairs.